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Hey guys so I've decided I should participate more in Newgrounds, my work schedule is kind of hectic but I'm mostly free Fridays and Saturdays, haven't decided on a closing date or how long I'll be open for collabs, I do get the odd email but I always get a little bit nervous when someone sends me a random email every now and then but maybe I can change that...



Storyboarding, might be an animation, might not be

2017-02-25 18:31:37 by SuperChick

Hi Everyone it's SuperChick here

Just did a little storyboard for fun, I know it's not sexy artwork but I just like doing a little bit of storyboarding for funnsies, might be an animation but probably won't be...there's actually more to the storyboard but I'm only uploading a few pieces of it here 





2017-02-22 19:01:58 by SuperChick

I kind of need a challenge, in a little bit of a funk...kind of want to draw something but they keep turning into women wearing lingere, sexy poses or something else...

I'm fine drawing sexy women it's just...okay now I want to draw a sexy outfit...sorry guys...going to scream into my pillow now, expect some sexy artwork in the next few days 

...I need sleep...

A new year, yaaaaaaaaayie

2017-01-01 15:15:46 by SuperChick


As some people might have guessed, I don't really comment on important occassions on the year like halloween, christmas or other occassions, reason for that being I'm extremely laid back when it comes to updating my pages, lets be honest my updates are pretty rare some of the time which I do apologise for, since I have started working full time it doesn't really give me much oppurtunity to update and create animations/pieces of artwork which now seems to let me do this in weekends (even by then I'm knackered)

But lets be honest I don't think I'm the only one whose glad that 2016 is over and dealt with, won't lie it hasn't been the best year but it hasn't been the worse year either, times of happiness, times of sadness, lets just hope that 2017 is more exciting than it's predecessor :)

Well I have my fingers crossed anyway, hopefully this year I become more active!!

Hi Guys Superchick (AKA Drew Comika(AKA Sarah Allen(AKA Whatever floats your boat lol)))

So apparently I recently turned 26 and wondering about priorities and what I've learned this year. So in terms of making animations, I haven't really been making many animations but been mostly focusing on drawing pieces of artwork which I find myself doing more of, reasons being I'm working a full time off and I'm only off on Fridays and Saturdays now, some people might think that having two days off feels great but then they fly by pretty fast

So saying I've been trying to juggle my private life, work life along with my hobby is pretty tricky...kind of, especially when you want to hang out with friends and family, which most people can understands but I don't want to use my personal life as being an excuse on why I haven't been updating

I know it sounds like I am, but I'm not, I also find myself drawing a lot of ladies...sometimes in sexy clothes but I digress...

I have been coming up with a few comic ideas and I have been drawing and writing it out, the mini comic isn't out yet so have a little look at this preview in the meantime


Whether it'll see the light of day or not, we'll see, we'll see, do I want to give away any details? No, not now at the moment unless someone is interested but probably not, who knows lol :)

If anyone is interested in some artwork done give a little email sometimes, it can be anything (within reason), I don't really charge a lot...sometimes it depends...sometimes...

That or if anyone wants some avatars just send me a little message :) 

Never in my life did I ever think that my profile would have a hundred followers? But this is awesome!! I know I haven't been active in the following months and for that I do apologise but I will try my best to be more active even though I'm mostly uploading drawings and sketches on to my channel, still doing the odd animation every now and then but I'm always trying to improve!

Thanks for sticking with me all this time guys! It means a lot to me!!

Last wednesday my aunt passed away, we're all a little bit shocked still and wondering how we're going to move forwards, her funeral was yesterday so I might be a little quieter on newgrounds than usual, it's just that with this recent development in my family life that I'm going to try and help my family out anyway I can, so sorry for the recent inactivity...

My aunt was a strong, independant woman, a supportive wife to my uncle and a loving mother to my older cousins, there's now a void in our lives and we're trying to support each other as we have to now move forward without her, I had huge respect for my aunt and how strong a person she was, she was very direct, while my uncle was a storyteller, my aunt was more of a commentator, she wasn't well for a while but at least now she rests in peace but we won't forget her because she's still here in my mind and heart as cheesy as that sounds...

Sorry for recent Inactivity

2016-06-28 13:15:04 by SuperChick

Sorry for the recent inactivity guys, I've been working at a new job that's been taking up most of my time so it'll take a little bit longer for me to post anymore pictures and some animations

So lately I have no idea what it is that I want to draw or animate, meh I'll take my time...

The reason for the title is because of a couple of pokemon drawings this year, eveelutions on a beach setting in particular, so there is probably going to be a regular series on it.

That's right, I'm going to scar your childhood, lol I'm only joking but seriously I am drawing more of them but I've already done Sylveon, Vaporeon and Flareon, who should I do another drawing on next?


So I don't know if I mentioned this on one of my last posts but back in March I took part in Tomorrow's Talent competition, recently I check online revealing who won and sadly I wasn't one of the winners.

Buuuuuuuuuuut I got an email today saying the my art was highly commended and that the Prince's Trust would like to exhibit my work online along with the winners and runners up, so as some people might be wondering how I feel about this, I am over the moon!!!

So in this post I will show the pieces that I submitted to the competition and see what you guys think, I've been told to take part in the second part of the competition which will start in Autumn this year!!!

So here are the pieces I submitted, I'll send another little post when the page is posted!