Procrastinating my head off!!! And Updates

2013-10-01 10:52:46 by SuperChick

It has been ages since I've been writing up here 0_o sorry for the long update guys, just to let people know and I am sorry for leaving it so long but the role for Tiger-Chan is filled but there are going to be a few roles for another project that I am thinking on.

It's just at the moment, or for a very long time, when I start a project I just either keep daydreaming, or the animation doesn't look perfect or a lose motivation altogether or I try to make it complicated :S
That or I'm not sure if the projects are worthwhile or good, I actually wouldn't mind getting feedback but then I'm scared incase it's total shit or crap...

I mean I wouldn't mind making a short mini series that lasts for five minutes or less 0_o

Am I just worrying too much or am i just going through a phase? :s


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2013-10-01 11:00:26

Could always make another newspost, and show us what you got (via the NG Dump and links).


2013-10-01 18:12:30

It's normal to be afraid of negative feedback. But it's probably better to finish an imperfect project than to never finish a perfect one. Here's a cool video about creativity from Ze Frank (the guy behind the "True Facts about the..." YouTube video series):


2013-10-02 08:54:07

A phase of worrying too much maybe? :P Any submission will inevitably get a lot of negative feedback even if it's great, just focus on the constructive, savor the compliments and let insults go out the other ear.