The Escape Artists

2013-05-15 07:46:16 by SuperChick

Recently I have been told that when me, my brother and two older cousins were younger we had a habit of wandering off into the unknown, my brother disappeared from our house one day and my dad told me that it took my entire family two hours to only realise that he was playing on a swing set that a neighbour recently added to his garden for his own kids.

My two older cousins had an incident when they were younger, their both sisters, the older one of the two had a history of walking off and disappearing for a time.
This one day, she and her younger sister were dressed in bunny costumes when they were small, my uncle recently build a wall to keep my older cousin from wondering off when he turned round and told my aunty, dad and mother that he's glad that he built the wall to keep my cousins in, he turned round to see my older cousin throwing the tricycle over the wall, proceeding to climb over and tug her younger sister over with her, they both then hopped on the tricycle and drove away, when I was told this today I was in stiches laughing for ages, cause all I could picture was two pieces of bunny ears being seen from behind the wall.

Apparently I was also an escape artist, my father telling many a tale of when I was small, my aunt had an experience with my skills , there was this one occasion where I apparently ran off to another caravan and sat in the back, my father was hysterical and searched the entire caravan complex only to see me moments later at the back of a caravan where the rest of the family were at the front watching the world cup and then asked politely would he be able to get me out of the caravan.

My aunt told me when we were up in Dunluce centre she had me in a little pram, she was paying attention to the gift shop until a woman alerted her that I ran out of the centre and headed to the park.

My dad even turned round and told me I could use these as animation plots if I wanted too.

When me and my brother were kids, I always wanted to hang out with him, like any young child would want to do.
There was this one day where I wanted to hang out with my younger brother and his best friend, so I tried to follow him and his friend about the place until they tied me to the front gate and disappeared, I remember being there for hours until my mom drove back from work.

Although I did get revenge, ten plus more years of torturing him mentally with my pranks and crazy ideas (I was kind of an evil toddler or so I'm told).


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2013-05-18 14:24:24

Looks like you have a career all paved and planned out for you! :) I was a rather calm kid myself, just sat down, looked around, climbed around if there was something to climb a round around. Or so I've been told.