The Weirdest Dreams Where You Wonder What The Heck They Mean!!!!

2013-05-08 12:39:36 by SuperChick

Sorry for not updating for a while people, just going through a little hiatus (I don't see how that's possible since I only have one Animation up here)

But I had one of the most weirdest dreams in the world and this one takes the Lesbian dream I had with Abby from NCIS down to second place (Don't even ask).

I was at a holiday resort with some of my friends, we were on the beach, I turned my head up to the sand dunes and saw two people walking down it casually and then another couple sliding down it, so I went up and saw there was a sand slide (not sure how that was possible) but then I was running to the bathroom.
So there were three cubicles there and I heard someone coming so I hopped into one but before I could do anything I found the the walls of the cubicle have turned into curtains and then when I think it was safe the one near the toilet disappeared revealing four people sitting by a table so I waited until they left only to see that the other curtains that were up where also gone, so I was standing near a toilet where the entire bathroom turned into a freaking restaurant and also that there was a line of people waiting to go behind me.

A waiter comes up to me and asks if everything was okay, I replied saying that the curtains for the toilet are gone and he said to go anyway to where I replied "HELL NO" and left before anything else weird happened I woke up when I was told that I was late for Badminton.

Lately I've been going through one of my phases where I draw furry characters, It's something that I've been going through from time to time where I see one comic involving furry characters and I have an urge to JUST DRAW THEM!!!!

The Weirdest Dreams Where You Wonder What The Heck They Mean!!!!


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2013-05-08 13:19:59

Interesting. You have very weird dreams. Ahem... The NCIS would have sounded hot if I heard it.... :D
Anyway, my weird dreams actually happen sometimes... So I tend to stay indoors often. :(

SuperChick responds:

The reason that I didn't go into the NCIS one was because it wouldn't be 'E' friendly if you catch my drift.
Awww, sometimes going out of the house helps clear the weird dreams from your head.


2013-05-08 15:44:32

Sounds like a perfectly reasonable dream... never has humanity been so vulnerable to Orwellian eyes upon them. The East German Stasi was never as effective, as Facebook is now...
Eh, either way, they say it's good to talk about your dreams. And don't worry about posting too often, once or twice a month is fine... although we could certainly use more people voting on the 'under judgement' stuff! Kid's are sometimes waiting 2-3 days waiting to see if their movie or game will pass.