Days like this

2013-04-22 12:02:19 by SuperChick

As you can see I am slowly coming back to full strength, even if it is a little step like piking up a pen and drawing with it. Today I feel more happy than all the other times and being able to forget the bad thoughts that plagued my head, now if only I can get back to doing my coursework.
I seem to be more interested in watching anime now a days than working which is a bad sign, but I'll reign myself in from the temptation.

Anyway I always find that drawing traditionally is more fun from digital because I can actually feel my artwork taking shape and giving them life even if half the time they seem to be a little bit off by a small margin.

I actually came up with these two for a while but they look different than what I had envisioned them to look, Piyo was meant to have headphones and Sora was suppose to have a more Sasuke Uchiha look but then they ended up like this.
Although what was funny was that I posted this to the LGBT group for University by mistake (I'm the representative for them) but then I didn't realise until a classmate of mine asked me if they were a couple, so I jokingly replied "Maybe XD"

Colouring in with copic markers is something that I enjoy doing more than anything, I actually wouldn't mind taking up painting but I can't paint to save my life but who knows I might give it a whirl.

Days like this


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2013-04-22 13:35:33

I'm not really a fan of anime, but these drawings definitely look good. To my probably inexperienced eye, it looks like you are aiming to a mix of chibi and normal anime style.

SuperChick responds:

Well I was inspired by the chibi characters from Baka and Test and the eyes for their chibis are sometimes like that.


2013-04-22 18:50:44

Can't imagine the emotional toll of what you must be going through. All I can say is, a degree will give you the scope of freedom, you're struggling to have now. Life is a wilderness without friends, and I hope yours will carry you through these tough times.

SuperChick responds:

Thanks Vic, I'm getting there little by little, my friend is feeling a lot better now though XD so hopefully I get to hang out with her.


2013-04-23 06:44:45

Trust me, I have had my share of little stupid trolls like the one below me. You just have to remember that all they probably do is sit at home and look at stuff people like me and you make.

SuperChick responds:

Oh no it's alright, that's why Newgrounds created the Ban Button XD
I'm a No nonsense person


2013-04-25 16:12:27

Glad to hear things are looking up! What anime are you watching?

SuperChick responds:

Baka and Test XD