A Step At A Time

2013-04-17 18:03:15 by SuperChick

Hi guys, sorry for not updating as much as I should be, I'm sticking with University for now and I made an appointment with a councillor, but they won't be able to see me until May for they are booked.

I'm hanging in there and not giving up, little by little I hope to get better emotionally and physically, I've also been watching an anime that a friend recommended to me 'Say "I Love You"', it really cheered me up from months of unhappiness, I hope to better myself and find things that'll cheer me up, lately I've realised that I've been drawing for others rather than myself and I know that's selfish of me but I feel like it I'm not putting every I have into it, and when your going into something like Graphic Design you have to forget that your drawing for yourself.

I'll be honest, I use to enjoy drawing for myself and no one else, it's selfish I know but I rather do things that make me happy, it's just for now my hand has decided to go on a drawing free hiatus until I get my head together.
Plus I've been daydreaming a lot and always find myself alone, so I'm going to better myself not just for my benefit but for everyone around me.

Drawing and Animating is all good but I'll admit I actually enjoy hanging out with my friends more and I'm concerned about a good friend of mine who is not feeling so good and I just want to be there for her as she tries to get better (it's bad when you get the Chicken Pox at our age).

If you want to send a PM on an animation or anything, just for an opinion or a private word then I'm all for it, maybe I'll give you an idea, a tip or two if I'm feeling generous.


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2013-04-17 20:21:29

Go. Hang out with your friends more.... if yer too pooped to move or just need an electronic zen moment, come here and explore!
We're here to entertain you!
And thanks for what you've already given us :)


2013-04-18 00:21:27

Keep at it!

I'll be honest I had never heard of you but your art is pretty good, and I see you are from Northern Ireland so as a southern Ireland dweller you have my support!

Hang out with your friends, don't feel you have to make art for the sake of others unless YOU want to.