Decisions to make

2013-04-09 13:49:10 by SuperChick

Lately I have been thinking whether or not that I should stay in University, there are a couple of reasons why I want to leave and why I want to say.

When I'm on the course in University I feel really depressed and I feel overwhelmed by everything, I'm afraid if I leave the course that others would judge me but when discussing it with my family they say that they will not judge me and respect my decision, I broke down so many times from stress and pressure of being perfect at it but I have to be honest and say that not only do I think it's not for me but it's pulling my moods down, plus we don't really interact in class with each other that much even when we're in our groups and it just feels rather lonesome sometimes.

Also I'd like to point out that the course I'm doing isn't an Animation course

The pro would be to go through it and get a degree at the end of it but that's the only thing I can think off...

I've already got a good amount of qualifications from GCSE, 1st Diploma to National and Higher National but I'm going to think about it for a week and see the course co-ordinator tomorrow and discuss my options.

I know that I am the only one who can make this decision, I have to make a choice to decide what I should do, to leave or stay that is the question.

Decisions to make


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2013-04-09 14:21:52

I cannot answer the question, but don't give up! Keep your head up high! ;)

I've been pondering the same thing for a couple of years, only I'm not working towards a degree, just studying random topics for the sake of efficiency while I figure out a future. Thanks for the motivation. Also, I don't think I've ever seen a pink wall before. Is that a wall?

SuperChick responds:

Yup, I recently had it painted pink, it was originally orange


2013-04-09 17:02:38

Try meditation? You basically give yourself 20-30 minutes each day, sitting on the floor with your back to the wall, thinking about absolutely nothing. Close your eyes and picture a small black door in a white room.. Breathe in deeply, and (taking twice as long to do so) breathe out.
Stop thinking, worrying, scheduling for that many minutes a day, and you may find the iron you need to get a degree, otherwise, it's 20K versus 100K a year to live on, and I think you're worth every penny :3
Besides, you know the course coordinator is going to try and keep you in class.... keep the money coming in.