My Brother My Frienemy 2

2013-04-03 15:20:09 by SuperChick

Even though me and my brother get along, there are times where either of us gets the wrong idea about the other, sure we love watching anime and talking about the fandoms and ideals but there were times where either he or me get really carried away with what we like or what we're watching at the moments.

A few years ago my brother started watching a particular anime which made him paranoid about EVERYTHING, I can't remember what it was called but it involved a kind of time loop and students killing each other, well anyway back to the incident, when I came up with a tuna sandwich (which he asked me to make) and set it down on the table he then turns at me, pauses the video and asks me if it was poisoned.
As a younger sister, hearing your older brother being extremely paranoid was not only bizarre but weird and he was usually very logical about these things and was the 'adult', 'mature' and 'grown-up' one of us, I just stood there for a moment and wondered why he would say such a thing.
So I told him rightly that he's been watching too much of that particular ANIME and that he should stop watching it.

So another tale about me and my older brother dealing with each other


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2013-04-03 15:33:18

lol, if it were me, I'd probably just laugh at him. :)


2013-04-03 17:46:31

I love tuna too, but it was probably poisoned by mercury, long before it got canned on ended up on his plate... methinks your older bro needs to get of the house more :P


2013-04-06 15:16:28

Did he stop? :/