THEIR AGAINT MEH!!! Also Blue Exorcist Review

2013-03-19 15:55:48 by SuperChick

Don't worry it's not bad or anything, well actually it is, today I was in class and drank a lot of juice today, (I can't have diet coke anymore) so we did our presentations, they seemed to have taken forever and at the end of class my teacher won't stop talking for nearly two hours as I sat there mentally screaming "Why won't you let me peeee!! DX" and trying my best not to scream at the top of my lungs because of the annoyance.

This wasn't the only thing that kicked me in the shin this week, I recently got a Blue Exorcist part one DVD, it cheered me up, the dvd wasn't scratched, the dvd was actually delivered on time and was an excellent show (until I went online and watched the rest of the series and seen the anime only episodes, why didn't they wait until the manga was finished)
It was just that even though the box said Region 2 and that it has both english and japanese dub, the Japanese dub was the only one that was on the disk.

Now on to the actual DVD, since it is mostly based on the first volumes of the manga, I enjoyed them alot, even though the characters were cliched but it was done in a great way that I found myself in stitches, the characters were great.

But in all honesty I just got it because I heard a couple of my fav voice actors are in it plus I'm a sucker for brotherly relationships (I like shipping two characters together but not twincest or if they have blood ties to each other, that's just a line you don't cross unless theres a reason why(like if their step siblings or something)), at first you think the the two main characters had a great relationship but then you realise it gets a bit rocky as the story progresses (especially since Yukio seems to be paranoid with his older brother's safety, at least it's not like Ragna and Jin from Blaz Blue, but David Vincent appears as another blond hair knight in this series).

If I had to short the thing down then I would have to say it's a combination of Naruto/Soul Eater/Bleach and Fullmetal Alchemist (mainly because Studio Bones was behind it, Studio Bones is known for making some great anime in the past(or am I getting that wrong?))

So I would recommend Blue Exorcist because of the story and how it keeps close to the manga in the first half of the series however I do hope they do what they did with Fullmetal Alchemist and create a new series when the Manga is finished.
That would be cool...

At the minute I'm also waiting on another DVD I ordered No.6, hopefully no one screws me over and I get both the english and japanese dubs this time, also I like writing about shows that I like, I kind of also like TOME lol, maybe I should do a blog review on that sometime but also there are probably so many people doing that and I don't want to sound like a suck up lol.


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2013-03-19 18:56:29

The reason why anime companies do that is because they tend to outpace the author whenever they obtain adaptation rights from said author and they don't want to slow down production because, well, that's their income which isn't saying much; animation is not a well respected career choice in Japan and the people who follow said career choice typically live like shit so it's no wonder that adaptation failings occur.

If I had to recommend an anime it'd have to be either Blue Seed, The Harlock Saga or Nightwalker: The Midnight Detective.

I've actually heard rumors that TOME is a massive rip off of the Shin Megami Tensei: Persona games but I never bothered to investigate it myself so take that with a grain of salt.