My Brother My Frienemy

2013-03-16 09:56:03 by SuperChick

I don't know why I'm writing about my brother on Newgrounds but last night I was feeling really, really low, my big brother noticed and got the old DVD's of the Dirty Pair Flash (you know the old anime where two girls are agents and protect the world kind of thing lol) Well anyway it cheered me up, I wouldn't call my brother my best friend, he's more of a frienemy, he is a friend but other times we're enemies.
Everyone who has a big brother would know this, especially if your their little sister or brother that you feel more friendly with them than you do with any other member of your family, it's because they know all your strengths and weaknesses and you can talk to them about everything (okay not exactly EVERYTHING but you know what I mean)

Well last night me and my brother were watching the Dirty Pair Flash and if Kei and Yuri were a couple who would be the top and who would be the bottom, I liked the pairing Yuri/Kei, even though Yuri was the feminine girly girl and Kei was the gun taunting tomboy with attitude it's just I never see Kei as a proper top because she seems like a tsundere in the Flash series and Yuri, as girly as she is never seems to settle down with a guy and keeps track of Kei when she leaves the 3WA.
But my brother admits that even though Yuri would make a good top that she would have to plan things while Kei is more spontaneous.

So after so much arguing we agreed that Kei and Yuri were a more reversible pairing depending on the situations that lay out before them and you must be wondering why it's weird for a sister and brother talking about pairings between two girls, I admit I'm more for the opposite side of the coin and into pairings involving two guys but its just I like a bit of diversity and character development plus Dirty Pair Flash was a laugh to watch and was fun.


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2013-03-16 21:05:46

I have a few of their early comic books, but never saw any video of them yet. Had to get them mail order from San Fransisco back in the day.


2013-03-17 16:15:23

I enjoyed this story