Twin Theory on sidelines as Coursework gives me a Bombshell

2013-03-04 10:55:28 by SuperChick

Oooooookay, Twin Theory is going to be placed in the champagne box for a while since I kind of told my teacher that I was thinking of doing a short animation based on a poem I wrote when I saw a Robin in my Garden :S
Soooooooo I'm going to be preoccupied, if there is anyone interested in doing voice work (lets face it my voice isn't exactly GREAT XD)

If you interested send me a PM and I'll give you a link or send you a copy of my little poem...

It's kind of environmentally friendly...


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2013-03-04 17:28:04

Would an American accent be okay? There's plenty of talent on NG. There's even a thread in the BBS if you feel like shopping around! Here it is Just jump to the last few pages... looks like a great selection!


2013-03-05 00:44:39

I could do it for you, if you like.