Second Animation could've been better

2013-02-16 04:16:48 by SuperChick

It really could have been better but then it wasn't going to be a serious animation buuut at the same time I knew I was lacking in some skills that could've made it better.
But I'm not giving up even if I get bad comments I'm going to try my hardest to develop my technique
No one expects perfect animations the first few times.
So back to Twin Theory

UPDATE: After a lot of thought, I unpublished the animation this was mainly because I was having a look at the things on it and thought to myself I could do WAY better, I was slightly sleepy when I thought about publishing it, it was 1:00 AM in the MORNING, also I compared it to some other animations I had done and I could do so much better!!!!!!!!


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2013-02-16 06:34:18

Well I left you a review so I hope you can get something out of it.

SuperChick responds:

Yes I did read the review, thank you for your input and I wish to improve on things in the future, thank you for the protips, I'll make sure to use it when I attempt to make another one again.


2013-02-16 12:44:18

Update: Awwwww. Fix and republish, really got a kick out it!

SuperChick responds:

Really? :0


2013-02-16 12:52:27

Well, yeah, why not? Maybe not today, but there's nothing holding you back from starting a new project.. then come back later and give it (cupcake movie?) the life-support it needs, when your skills have advanced.


2013-02-16 13:03:43

How odd, the review I wrote is still on my account which implies that you didn't delete it but merely removed it.

You know you don't have to remove the submission and reupload it to make improvements, just swap out the old file with the revised one once you're done like I do.