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Procrastinating my head off!!! And Updates

10/1/13 by SuperChick

It has been ages since I've been writing up here 0_o sorry for the long update guys, just to let people know and I am sorry for leaving it so long but the role for Tiger-Chan is filled but there are going to be a few roles for another project that I am thinking on.

It's just at the moment, or for a very long time, when I start a project I just either keep daydreaming, or the animation doesn't look perfect or a lose motivation altogether or I try to make it complicated :S
That or I'm not sure if the projects are worthwhile or good, I actually wouldn't mind getting feedback but then I'm scared incase it's total shit or crap...

I mean I wouldn't mind making a short mini series that lasts for five minutes or less 0_o

Am I just worrying too much or am i just going through a phase? :s


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A phase of worrying too much maybe? :P Any submission will inevitably get a lot of negative feedback even if it's great, just focus on the constructive, savor the compliments and let insults go out the other ear.

It's normal to be afraid of negative feedback. But it's probably better to finish an imperfect project than to never finish a perfect one. Here's a cool video about creativity from Ze Frank (the guy behind the "True Facts about the..." YouTube video series):



Could always make another newspost, and show us what you got (via the NG Dump and links).